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Ҵҧʹ ҧҡͧź§ 10 ¡ҨҡآԷçѡ÷ 104 3 ѺѡͧǷҹ ͧþҤͺ仾ѡ͹§ѹ 任ԤԤ蹹
BANG SAEN BEACH is Chonburi's long famous beach, only 10 kms. from Chonburi City. Bangsaen Beach is very suitable for tourists with the family for the day or for a picnic and swim in the sea.


ء Թ 觡ҧҧҹҧҴҧʹ 仵ѴºҴ ʹ繷дɰҹء繷þѡТͧ
KHO SAM MUK is a low hill situated between Ban Ang Sila and Bang Saen Beach. The hilltop is flat and is the site of the Chao Mae Khao Sam Muk Shrine which is recered by general public.

ʶҺѹԷʵҧ Էºþ ѺþѲҨҡԾԸѳѵ ըشʧШѴٹҧͧԷҡôҹԷʵҧ
MARINE BIOLOGY INSTITUTE was developed from a biological museum and salt water aquarium. It is intended to be the country's authourity on marine biology.

ժѧ ˭ҧ ҧҡҪһҳ 12 ôէٴѡͧ͹ժѧ ҡ繺ط繷ͧҹҹ ҳʶҹҳҺdzҧҧ繾Ҫҹ觾кҷ稾ШŨ Ѫŷ 5 ôҧ
KO SICHANG is a large island and is about 12 kms. off the coast of Si Racha. Ko Sichang is the site of a residence of King Rama V.

Ҵ¹ Ҵ¢Ҵʧʧҧҡѷ¡Ҩҡ .آԷ ç÷ 150.5 任ҳ 2 繶ºҴŧ蹹
JOMTIEN BEACH is a quiet, white beach which is about 5 kms. from South Pattaya by turning right off Sukhumvit Road at Km. 150.5. A beachside road runs the entire length of the beach. The water here is suitable for swimming.


ҹ ǢҹѺҴѷ ҧҡзҧ 7.5 Ҵ¢ǹ 紷´Сѧҡ ʶҹѡ
KO LAN parallels Pattaya Beach and is 7.5 kms., from the bay. Ko Lan's beach is pure white with fine sand and lined with many coral reefs.

ǹҸóкҧ ǹҸóЪ½觷ŷشó仴µ˭ҡ ҧͧҧ ǹ֡õ
BANG SA - RE PARK This park by the beach is located in an area abundant with huge shade providing trees. The sea it self abounds with fish and beautiful  corals and is an excellent place for snorkeling.


ǹѵԴ Թᴹ觻ͧ 觾ºҡѵҹҹҾѹ
KHAO KHEOW OPEN ZOO in Chonburi is a forest wonderland near the city which provides a refreshing atmosphere as well as a natural habitat for animals species.

ǹت ʶҹѡ͹͹㨷˭شҤѹ͡ ǹ͡ҡлдѺ͡ дѺҹҪҵ ѵªԴ ٹѲẺաʴѺѡͧǵҧҵ
NONG NOOCH VILLAGE is apart from its wide variety of international flowers and other botanical gardens, the many activities of the village, there are exotic animals in captivity, a Thai cultural center, and performances for foreign visitors.


ǹѵ - ź (˹ͧ˭) 繿§Ө״է˭شš ѵҹʤԴԹҵ ͡ҡҹѧѺзѺ㨡Ѻ蹢ͧҹҪԴ 觹ѹشó
CHONBURI CROCODILE ZOO AND RESORT (NONG YAI CROCODILE FARM) IT is the biggest freshwater crocodile in the world. Others than crocodiles the tourist still can have a lot of amusing and hardly forgetable from many kind of animals.

ǹҪ ǹѵ͡ҧͤѡ͹͹ҧҡҴҧʹҳ 20 繷þѵҹҪԴ СʴٻẺ 쾭ͧ "Amazing Circus" Сʴͧѵաҡ
SOAN SUEA SIRACHA The greatest tiger zoo is built up for entertainment and relaxation. It is far away from the beach 20 kms. There is many shows of animals such as scorpion show, crocodileshow, pig competition and amazing circus.

Ѵҳѧ 繾鹷çõҪԷ 2,500 ¡· 160 آԷ͹֧ǹت աҳ 5 㹺dzѴ਴оطʶҹҡ
WAT YANNASANG WARARAM WARAMAHAVIHAN is for projects under the initiative of H.M. The King. The temple compound is packed with fantastic pagodas and Buddhist structures.

ͧͧ ʶҹǺ觨ͧͧ٪ʶҹҳʶҹӤѭ Ѵѵʴ ͹ЪҸԻ оҹ оҹ 9 ҷԹ
MINI - SIAM the features miniature replicas of important structures of Thailand such as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha Democracy Monuments, the River Kwai Bridge, Rama IX Bridge, Phimai Sanctuay.

ҹҧ ҧҳ 15-20 ͡ աԹǹôҡا蹿ص繷 觷Ҵҡ
ELEPHANT KRAAL the show with 15 to 20 elephants in the parade you can expect plenty of excitement  and fun as the mahouts take the elephants through. The roll logs, play football and together present a parade show.

ʹҪ (ٵǧ) ѵպ ҧҡѷ任ҳ 40 ҷ ѡɳ ͷҧҧǴԹ Ǣ շһҴ˭ 繷Ƿȹͧ
PLU TA LUANG RACHANAVY GOLF CLUB at Sattahip, some 40 minutes drive from Pattaya. The special attraction here is its location among large, rolling hills and densevegetation, punctuated by a vast man - made lake and spectacular views of the nearby coast.

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