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Phra Putta Sihing Mingmonkol Sirinat is located at "Hor Phra" on Vachira Prakarn Road. This SihingBuddha is the exact rephica of the original, made from 100% suprane Patriach.

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WAT KHAO (MOUNTAIN) PHRA PHUTTA BART BANG SAI is situated on the left hand side of Sukhumvit Road where before reaching the centre of Chonburi. Various constructions around the temple can be found to be of European Style during the era of King Rama V. The foot print of his Lord Buddha situated with in this temple is worshipped by the warth were 3 days of each year.

Ҿ˭ ѡԷժѧþѺ 繷ѷҡҺͧ еҧ ͡ҡѡԷѧ¤سҷҧʶһѵ¡Ż
CHAW PAW KHAO YAI is greatly respected and worshiped by Sichang villagers and all. Not only the this but foreign visitors also pay respect and worship. It is not only well know as a sacred place, but also famous for work of art and beautiful architecture.

Ѵ˭Թ ѴӤѭͧź ѹɰҹҧҵظҵ͹ 稾ҵҡԹҪʴ稻зѺͤ駷ʴ͡ҡйظҵ͹¡ا .. 2310
WAT YAI INDRA RAMA This temple (Wat) was originally called Wat Luang. It is located on the Chet Chamnong Road in the centre of Chonburi province. It was also recorded that King Taksin of Siam came to take up residence within this temple when Ayudthaya was to be taken over by the Burmese in 1767.


ҹШӻբͧѧѴź ѴԴ͡ѹҵ .. 2475 Ԩͧҹҹ "ʡþоطԧ ҹʧҹ ЧҹҪҴ" ¡ѹ 繡 ѡ觢 ླѹէͧͧ
CHONBURI FESTIVAL is held once every year. This particular festival combines the three main activities together namely the worshipping of Sihing Buddha, Songkran Festival and Ped. The festival with the main objective of enhancing and promoting cultures to people from other countries and cultures.

ҹȡͧѷ Ѵ繡÷ͧ §ͧͧѷ
PATTAYA FESTIVAL takes place around mid April to promote tourism of Pattaya town. Attractions of this festival are the procession of floats decorated with a wide variety of flowers, Pattaya Beauty Contest, Local sports competition, sand castle competition, firework by beach and many more.

ȡŧҹѹ 㹪ǧ͹¹ླʧҹҤѹ͡ѡᵡҧҡ ͨҴӡѹ ҳ ѹ 16, 17, 18, 19 ¹ ¡ѹ "ѹ" Ѻͧѷ ˹Ѵҹѹѹ 19 ¹ͧء
WAN LAI FESTIVAL is equivalent to Songkran Festival, but it is usually held between 16-19 April of each year. It is a water festival taking place in the hottest month of the year.

ҹླ觤 繻ླͧѧѴźըШѴѹ 14 ͹ 11 觵çѺ͹Ҥͧء ѹҹǹҨ觤¢ͧҧ§йӤҪѹdzʹ˹ҡҧ
RUNNING BUFFALO FESTIVAL is also one of the oldest traditional festival of Chonburi, usually taken place in October of each year. Farmers will decorate their buffaloes with different coloured robes for a competition garthering on the frontground of the Municipal office.

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